Training is not only teaching something, but it is migrating knowledge in proper way which is useful to both trainer and trainee.
     We are providing software based training with real time project experience. Our training method is career minded; make trainees an advanced programmer in respective technology. The courses will make you familiarize with Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) Languages using JAVA, .NET and SQL Server in real time core, client server and Web Applications, etc...
OOP With C# ASP.NET Using C# SQL Server
   .NET: What You Need To Know
   First C# Programs
   Data Types in C#
   Operators and Expressions
   Control Structures
   Object-Oriented Programming
   More about Types
   Methods, Properties and Operators
   Characters and Strings
   Arrays and Indexers
   Virtual Methods and Polymorphism
   Formatting and Conversion
   .NET Interfaces and Collections
   Delegates and Events
   Introduction to Windows Forms
   Additional C# Features
   Introduction to ASP.NET
   Web Forms Architecture
   Web Applications Using Visual Studio
   State Management and Web Applications
   Server Controls
   Caching in ASP.NET
   ASP.NET Config & Security Fundamentals
   Debugging, Diagnostics and Error Handling
   More Server Controls
   Data Access in ASP.NET
   Personalization and Security
   Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX
   HTTP Pipeline
   SQL Server Overview
   Using Mnagement Studio
   Designintg Relational Databases
   Wroking With Single Table Queries
   Merging Data Wwith JOINS & UNIONS
   Working With Subqueries
   Aggregationg Data
   Using FULL-TEXT Search
   Selectiong Data Through Views
   Distributed Queries
   Modifying Data
   T-SQL & Stored Procedures
Java ( Fundamentals ) Java ( Advanced ) PHP Web Design
   Key features of Java
   Programming Fundamentals
   Control Structure and Iteration
   Array & Command Line Argument
   Object Oriented Programming
   Exception Handling
   Object Oriented Programming
   Nested and Inner Class
   Overview of java.lang package
   Utility and Collection Classes
   Input and Output
   GUI (Swing API Components)
   Client-side Java and Applets
   Network Programming
   PHP features
   Content Management Systems
   Apache Web Server
   HTML 5
   Java Script
   Photoshop CS 5
   Dreamweaver CS 5
   CSS 3
   Flash CS 5